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Sustainable Change


I am passionate about feeling good.  Feeling good to me means finding balance between movement, diet, relationships, spirituality, and mindfulness. Do I have balance every day? No! Sometimes it's a struggle, life happens.  However, having plans in place and tools to bring you back to center really do work. I have always had an interest in nutrition, exercise and mindfulness but my training at Duke Integrative Medicine has given me the strategies and tools to partner with you!

How I Can

Help You

Integrative Health Coaching is not just about your physical well-being, it is also about you as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment and life purpose. Through the coaching process, we will partner to reach your goals and enhance your quality of life. We will use reporting, exploring and a consistent commitment to action to move forward. This proactive working relationship will accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. It works!


Personal Coaching Session

Email me to schedule your

15 minute initial consultation


Private Yoga Sessions

$90 - private
$130 - 2 people
$55/person for 3 or more


I felt a connection with Jenn right away. Her calming energy is infectious, which allowed me to tap into a safe mindset where I could be honest with myself and do the work. Her humor and down to earth nature is what makes working with Jenn a true pleasure…Heather Tompkins Procknal

 I am particularly grateful that you helped me shift the "paradigm" or "lens" through which I have been looking at particular issues or concerns. Those paradigm shifts helped me address concerns in a more direct and proactive way, rather than as a response to frustration or anger. J. Bogart

Working with Jenn as been beneficial for me on so many levels. She has helped me get motivated to start to work towards goals I've been wanting to achieve for a long time. Jenn's encouragment has given me the permission to start with realistic expectations of myself in order to be more successful. Having her to be accountable to has kept me on track and even more motivated in other areas of my life. I am lucky to have met Jenn on this journey!

One of the best yoga classes I've taken. Fantastic instructor.

Jenn is wonderful! She's very inclusive, patient, and encouraging